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In fall 2015, Michelle will be directing the professional US premiere of Fabrice Melquiot's The Unheard of World (Le Monde Inouļ) for foolsFURY. Performances will be in October at the Exit Theater in San Francisco. The project is the extension of her on-going interest in French-American collaboration, translation and production of new French plays.

In 2014, she translated Leonore Confino’s Les Uns sur Les Autres for the Playwrights Foundation, developing a relationship that began in 2013 when she translated Nathalie Fillion’s A L’Ouest (co-translated with Emily-Jane Cohen as part of the Les Voix – Voices Found in Translation Festival).   

In 2014, Michelle also oversaw a major collaboration between renowned international theater maker, Moise Touré, artistic director of France’s Les Inachevés, the French-American International School and a range of Bay Area artists. The project, Awaiting Dawn, explored how theater, education and civic life were integrated in Ancient Greece and how that relationship can be activated today. Indeed, in 2015 the project continues to resonate, with opportunities for on-going reflection and conversation. In spring 2015, Michelle is presenting a talk on the project to educators in an international forum, at Innovate 2015 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

While Michelle hasn’t been doing a lot of film work recently, you may still catch her on re-runs of CSI, Deadwood, and other shows. You can also find her on YouTube in Modest Mouse’s Little Motel video. The project was a collaboration with Justin Francis, under whose direction she created the character of Roz in the short film, The Way Down.